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Center-Based ABA
Full-Time Center-Based ABA: This40-hour per week intensive program conducted at each child's individual skill level addresses the areas of language and communication, social skills and executive functioning, academics, self-help and behavior. (Ages...
24 weeks ago
Dr. Russell S. Griffiths LEP
I am a highly experienced Licensed Educational Psychologist with over 20 years experience. I do private practice, teach graduate school psychology students and also work in the public school system which allows me to understand both parent and school...
93 weeks ago
Cerebral Fitness Inc: OT with Neurofeedback
Unlock your PotentialOccupational Therapy with Neurofeedback provides an evidence-based, drug free path to better health and well-being. We provide skills for the art of living and learning.Providing services for ADHD, Asperger's, Autism,...
156 weeks ago
Cerebral Fitness Inc: Drug free tx for ADHD
Unlock your PotentialOccupational Therapy with Neurofeedback provides an evidence-based, drug free path to better health and well-being. We offer brain based training. The American Academy of Pediatrics lists Neurofeedback as a Level-1 "Best...
156 weeks ago
Cerebral Fitness Inc: OT with Neurofeedback
Occupational Therapy with Neurofeedback provides an evidence-based, drug free path to better health and well-being. We provide skills for the art of living and learning.Providing services for ADHD, Asperger's, Autism, Anxiety, Stress, Headaches, ...
158 weeks ago
A TEAM for Speech, Language, & Educational Therapy
165 weeks ago
Jeffrey A. Gottlieb, Special Education Attorney
Offices located:Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Contact: (562) 699-2412 or (949) 419-6196 Email: jeff@specialeducationattorneyatlaw.com Website: http://www.specialeducationattorneyatlaw.com/ BIO: Jeffrey A. Gottlieb, M.S., Esq....
168 weeks ago
Autism Behavior Services, Inc.
Autism Behavior Services, Inc. 2080 N. Tustin Ave.,Suite B, Santa Ana, Ca 92705Office Phone: 855-581-0100; Cell: 714-717-5156Fax: 714-667-0656 or 949-709-0311 Autism Behavior Services, Inc. (ABSI) was established by Rosa E. Patterson,...
172 weeks ago
Positive Practices in Behavioral Support Webinar
Positive Practices in Behavioral SupportThrough Nonlinear Applied Behavior AnalysisA live, fully interactive, web based seminar series Developed byGary W. LaVigna, Ph.D., BCBA-D and Thomas J. Willis, Ph.D. This...
178 weeks ago
Los Angeles School of Gymnastics
LASG is a nonprofit corporation and Olympic quality training center, which has been working with the kids of Los Angeles since 1975. We offer programs for everybody and every ambition from the toddler motor development programs to the pursuit of...
178 weeks ago
WESTVIEW SCHOOL - Non-public and private school
Meeting the needs of adolescents since 1990 A small, structured and supportive educational program for students with learning differences, ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, and/or mild emotional problems College Prep Academic program designed...
180 weeks ago
AD/HD Coach
Children and adults with ADD/ADHD and creative/divergent learners face a unique set of challenges. Coaching is a highly effective means of helpingnon-traditional thinkersfully realize their potential and excel in all aspects of life. ADHD...
181 weeks ago
http://www.youtube.com/fusionacademyvideo Fusion Academy & Learning Center
Fusion Academy is a private school for grades 6-12. Our class sizes are as small as they come: just one student and one teacher. At Fusion Academy, the educational experience is completely customized around each student. In addition to being...
181 weeks ago
After School Groups for Ages 15-22
After school groups featuring independent living skills and social skills, ages 15-22 in West LA and Thousand Oaks, CA. Details at www.reidsgift.org. Scholarships available.
181 weeks ago
Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs
This book comes from more than 2 decades of working independently with children and teens diagnosed with ADHD, ASD, Learning Disabilities, Dylexia, and average but struggling students. Find out how ADHD is often a systemic internal infection and what...
181 weeks ago
16 Social Skill Groups ages 7-25 Encino/Newhall
We currently have16 differentongoing groups in both offices that have been running for 14 years. Groups are limited to between 4-9 participants in the Encino office and 3-7 participants in the Newhall office. Groups are facilitated and supervised by...
181 weeks ago
Social Security Applying-Appealing (Asperger, etc)
The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Gottlieb, Special Needs Attorney, (Phone:562-699-2412)provides legal services to help special needs children qualify for social security disability payment and related services (typically SSI). We have the...
181 weeks ago
shree Travels and Transport Company.
shree Travels and Transport C/o. We are providing all kinds of travels vehicles like toyota, suzuki, tata and mini buses also available. For more information contact us on +91-9881666137 or mail us on sachin.sonawane9370@gmail.com sami09dc5332
186 weeks ago
Special Ed., IEP, 504 Advocate
I am a former LAUSD special education teacher with over 10 years experience teaching students with IEPs, assesing students with IEPs, preparing and faciliting IEP meetings. I hold a current/valid Education Specialist credential. I know how IEPs work,...
187 weeks ago
David L. Raffle, PhD, CBIS
Specialized psychoeducational assessments to obtain special education services and classroom accommodations, including testing for students with traumatic brain injury, brain cancer, and brain effects from chemotherapy or toxic exposure. Website:...
196 weeks ago
In Home Respite Worker
R&N Family Support Services 949-205-8357 Hello, My name’s Ron Figueroa, and I’m the director. We are a company located in Orange County that provides needed In Home Respite Support and Behavioral Support for families and consumers....
197 weeks ago
Study for Hyperactive Children with Autism
Treatment with Guanfacine for Hyperactive Children with Autism Eligibility Children 5-14 years of age Diagnosed with or symptoms of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Hyperactive/impulsive behaviors Purpose To help reduce...
220 weeks ago
Identifying Signs of Autism in High-risk Infants
Identifying Early Signs of Autism in High-risk Infants Eligibility Infants under the age of 6-weeks (pregnant women are encouraged to contact us) Have two siblings with autism or one sibling and a close relative with an autism spectrum...
220 weeks ago
Study for Children Showing Early Signs of Autism
Intervention Study for Young Children Showing Early Signs of Autism Eligibility Children 12 – 21 months of age Delays in smiling, crawling and speaking Purpose This is an intervention study that may improve social and communication...
220 weeks ago
Special Education/IEP Advocate & IEP review
I am a special education teacher with over 10 years teaching students with disabilities in RSP and special day classes. I have been advocating for and on behalf of parents for over years now. I am available to attend pre-IEP meetings, IEP meetings...
229 weeks ago

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